Taking a role as a founder, partner or investor – we bring our combined experience and entrepreneurial spirit to develop exciting ideas and opportunities across multiple market sectors.

We understand that dedication and persistence are needed for long-lasting success and we take a hands-on approach and welcome entrepreneurs and young ventures to join the ISHRA family.

We take satisfaction from working with creative leadership teams who ‘make things happen’ and share our philosophy that happy people make healthy business.


An experienced in-house team is on hand to define and deliver solutions, to put in place the vital commercial, financial and technological platforms for success.

We recognize that no two ventures are alike and we have the vision and flexible working practice to ensure the unique demands of each are met.

  • Strategic alignment – define and position the vision, goals and roadmap
  • Commercial planning – creation of financial structures and business models
  • Risk assessment – understanding markets, channels and possible barriers to entry
  • Opportunity sourcing – marketing mapping and customer identification
  • Partner matching – approaching customers, suppliers and partners


In hyper growth and rapidly shifting markets, we can reduce time-to-launch and gain traction by leveraging our networks, expertise and associated companies.

We provide talented individuals who are experienced in driving successful growth and working with partner teams of all shapes and sizes.

  • Business planning – defining and adapting business plans and models
  • Deal flow – identifying, responding and generating new business
  • Sales and marketing – creating brand awareness and winning clients
  • Transactional support – ensuring the right deal is done and expectations fulfilled
  • Project management – from project design and structuring to implementation


We help our partners’ clear hurdles and pave the way for successful investments in some of the most complex investment environments.

Our ventures group supports partners where we recognize market potential and can add value.

Outside of our holding group, we find creative finance solutions including project financing, working with private equity placement, investors and international financing bodies.

  • Personal commitment – investment of capital and human resource
  • Due diligence – detailed preparation for a successful raise
  • Asset valuation – establishing and negotiation of best price
  • Structure finance – working to provide clients with the right financing model
  • Raising capital – access to alternative funds, private equity and venture capital


The ISHRA team of sector specialists supports their clients by sharing their expertise, offering new perspectives and generating deal flow.

Our ability to quickly understand our clients’ needs is a valued commodity as we monitor and respond to opportunities in dynamic commercial environments:

  • Property

    Support at each stage of development; land registry and zoning through marketing and finance for new build and existing residential and commercial properties.

  • Technology

    Enable the capture of markets and clients with innovative and proven technologies in mobile, software, cyber, social media and e-commerce.

  • Energy

    Deal brokerage for renewables and traditional energy projects as well as oil and gas trading in both developed and emerging markets.

  • Security

    Gain access to public and private sectors striving to protect their critical assets; safe city programs, border control, cyber security and industrial systems.

  • Agriculture

    Promote sought after food security solutions; advanced irrigation, wastewater technologies, disease resistance and high yield farming.

  • Natural Resources

    Navigate complex geopolitical scenarios in the acquisition and tender process for mining and natural resource concessions in emerging markets.


ISHRA’s dedicated team offers a wide range of client services in the field of international trade and investment, providing decision makers with the tools and support they need for commercial and sustained success.

  • Rafi Elul

    Rafi Elul

    Rafi Elul founded ISHRA in 1999 after a distinguished political career. After election as Israel’s youngest Mayor, Rafi served 8 years in Parliament for the Labor Party with a key role on Finance, Interior and Education committees and as Special Advisor to the Offices of the Prime Minister and President.

    After stepping down from politics, Rafi was General Secretary for the Labor Party. With a wealth of political and business contacts, he has orchestrated major trade initiatives in MENA, Europe and North America.

    Rafi is committed in his role as Chairman and Co-Founder of the national volunteer program ‘Ruach Tova’. Today, 35,000+ volunteers work across 6,500 projects with 2,000+ organizations.

    A speaker of Hebrew, Arabic, French and English, Elul is the only Israeli to be awarded the Alawi Medal from the Kingdom of Morocco.

    Elul earned a BA in Political Science and Sociology from Bar-Ilan University and MBA in Business Administration from Ben Gurion University.

  • Ron Elul

    Ron Elul

    Ron Elul is Managing Partner with a responsibility for developing new territories and launching business units that operate within the holding group.

    He has an extensive background in business development and finance; structuring investments to facilitate deals and partnerships for clients and associated businesses.

    Having launched successful businesses in the fields of renewable energy, IT and finance, he joined the family business with a widened role that includes infrastructure, real estate and security.

    Elul served in the IDF Intelligence Core as project manager and team leader in the technological unit responsible for user interfaces, product deployment and implementation for IT projects and was recognized with a “Makor Haim” award.

  • Ziv Elul

    Ziv Elul

    Ziv joined ISHRA in 2010 and leads domestic real estate activity. With experience at a renowned national real estate group, he develops in-house projects and provides consultancy to many of Israel’s leading players.

    Ziv handles the full scope of services for buying groups and ‘Pinui+Binui’ regeneration projects including operations, project management, licensing and resident services.

    He manages residential and commercial projects, shopping malls and the development of agricultural land for commercial purposes. Turnkey solutions include sourcing projects, finding buyers and delivering creative finance solutions from seed investment to project financing from private equity placement, investors and international financing bodies. Operationally he deals with land registry and zoning, working with local committees, municipal and governmental departments and in-depth legal support – from purchase to sale.

    Ziv served in the IDF as a recruiting officer and is currently completing a Law degree at the Peres Academic Center.

  • Gil-ad Zager

    Gil-ad Zager

    Gil-ad Zager is the advocate for ISHRA with extensive legal experience in all fields of civil law, business litigation and corporate law.

    Having graduated from the IDC law school in 2003, he worked at the law offices of Guy Bachar and Steinmetz, Herring and Gorman before joining ISHRA in the second half of 2012.

    Gil-ad also holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Tel-Aviv.

  • The Team

    The Team

    The ISHRA family brings together forward-thinking people from different backgrounds, with complementary skillsets and useful insights.

    We are passionate in our commitment to collaborative working and co-creating with our local and cross-border partners and clients.





Our dedicated team works in close partnership with our clients at all levels and we strive to provide a responsive and supportive client service.

For general enquiries, please contact us below.

2 Weizman Street
Tel Aviv

+972 3 691 6922